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We are your one-stop-shop for ghost stories and all things spooky and supernatural. We specialize in books and merchandise related to the paranormal, with a focus on the haunted history of Connecticut.

Our latest book, “Ghosts of New London County” blends ghostly tales of the supernatural with whimsical illustrations and real-life town-by-town history of this charming New England region. Whether you’re a fan of horror, history, or just enjoy a good ghost story, this book is a must-read.

Ghosts of New England: book of ghost stories

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Ghosts of New London County!

With vivid storytelling, captivating imagery, and a wealth of historical and cultural context, “Ghosts of New London County” is an essential read for anyone with an interest in ghost stories and tales of the unknown.

This beautifully printed paperback feels good, smells great, and is packed with creepy tales from cover to cover. So come along on this journey into the heart of darkness, and discover the secrets that lie hidden in the shadows of New London County. Who knows what you might find?

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At Paranormal Printing, we’re passionate about ghost stories and haunted places as well as all things spooky and supernatural, and we want to share that passion with you. So take a look around our website, browse our selection of ghost story books and merchandise, and join us on a journey into the unknown.

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  • Ghosts of Hartford County
  • Ghosts of Tolland County
  • Field Guide to Cryptids of North America

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Our online store is filled with a variety of merchandise to help you show off your love for the paranormal, including t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, and more. All of our products are high-quality and designed with the paranormal enthusiast in mind.