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Welcome to Paranormal Printing, your portal to the supernatural world through the written word. We are passionate about bringing spine-tingling tales, intriguing investigations, and hair-raising hauntings to life through the books we publish. Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our collection promises to immerse you in the mysterious and unexplained.

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  • Ghosts of Tolland County
  • Ghosts of Hartford County
  • Field Guide to Cryptids of North America

Our Commitment

At Paranormal Printing, we are committed to delivering meticulously researched, engaging, and spine-tingling narratives. Our dedication ensures that every story in “Ghosts of New London County” is rooted in history and oral tradition, bringing you as close as possible to the mysteries that lie just beyond the veil.

Featured Paranormal Book: Ghosts of New London County

Our debut publication, Ghosts of New London County, invites you to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Connecticut’s enigmatic history. This meticulously researched book uncovers the chilling stories and spectral encounters that have left their mark on the picturesque landscapes and historic towns of New London County.

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In Ghosts of New London County, you’ll discover:

  • Haunted Locations: Journey to iconic sites such as haunted mansions, eerie lighthouses, and restless graveyards.
  • Eerie Legends: Explore the folklore and legends that surround these ghostly places, offering insight into the region’s supernatural past.
  • Mysterious Creatures: Delve into accounts of encounters with cryptids and unexplained creatures that roam the hidden corners of New London County.

About Paranormal Printing

At Paranormal Printing, we’re passionate about all things spooky and supernatural. We believe that the unknown is something to be explored, not feared. We’re dedicated to bringing stories of ghosts, cryptids, and other paranormal phenomena to a wider audience.

Because we are a small independent publisher, we have the freedom to take risks and explore topics that larger publishers might overlook. We’re able to create high-quality books and merchandise that reflect our values and our love of the paranormal.