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New England Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories and Haunted Places in New England

New England, with its quaint villages and hidden enigmas, has a reputation for being a paranormal hotspot. Explore the shadowy corridors of abandoned asylums, investigate the eerie occurrences in historic mansions, and witness the residual hauntings that echo through centuries-old graveyards. Our collection of spine-chilling stories will transport you to the heart of Connecticut’s paranormal mysteries.

From the colonial-era towns of Connecticut to the mist-shrouded forests of Maine, this corner of the United States boasts a legacy of haunted places that have captivated generations. Discover the chilling stories behind infamous landmarks and the ghostly apparitions that are said to roam these hallowed grounds.

  • Ghost Stories of Colchester, CT

    Ghost Stories of Colchester, CT

    Colchester, CT is The Town Where the Dead Speak Colchester, Connecticut is a small, unassuming town in New London County. But beneath its seemingly mundane exterior lies a rich history of the paranormal, a legacy of ghostly encounters that has earned it the moniker “The Town Where the Dead Speak. First settled in 1698, Colchester… Read More…

  • Bozrah, CT Ghost Stories

    Bozrah, CT Ghost Stories

    The Mysteries and Haunted Histories of Sleepy Little Bozrah, Connecticut Nestled in the rolling hills of eastern Connecticut, Bozrah may not seem like a hotbed of paranormal activity. But don’t let its quaint New England charm fool you — this town has some spooky secrets lurking in its past. Bozrah, Connecticut is said to be… Read More…