Ghost Stories in Montville, CT

A Haunted Destination for Ghost Enthusiasts

Montville, Connecticut, is a town with a rich history and a reputation for being a hotspot for paranormal activity. With its old buildings, cemeteries, and natural areas, it’s no wonder that the town has attracted so many ghost hunters and enthusiasts over the years.

One of the most famous haunted locations in Montville is the historic Raymond Library. The library was built in 1893 and has been the site of numerous ghost sightings and unexplained occurrences. Visitors have reported seeing ghostly apparitions, hearing footsteps and whispers, and feeling a sense of unease in certain areas of the building.

Another of the spookiest ghost stories in Montville, CT is set in the former home of Captain Grant, which is now a bed and breakfast. The house dates back to the early 1700s and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of several former residents. Guests have reported hearing footsteps, seeing apparitions, and feeling cold spots in various parts of the house.

But perhaps the most chilling of the ghost stories in Montville, CT is the legend of the “Green Lady.” According to legend, a woman named Elizabeth once lived in a house near Gardner Lake. She was known for her green dress and her love of the outdoors. One day, she went for a walk in the woods and never returned. Her ghost is said to haunt the area to this day, appearing as a misty figure in a green dress.

Montville also has several historic cemeteries that are rumored to be haunted. The Comstock Cemetery, for example, is said to be the site of several ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena. Visitors have reported seeing ghostly figures, hearing strange noises, and feeling a sense of unease in the area.

Despite its spooky reputation, Montville is also home to several beautiful natural areas, including the Uncas Leap Heritage Area and the Thames River Heritage Park. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities while keeping an eye out for any ghostly visitors that may be lurking in the shadows.

Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or just looking for a spooky adventure, Montville is a town that is sure to deliver. So grab your ghost hunting gear and get ready to explore the haunted history of this fascinating town.

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