The Spookiest Salem You’ve Never Heard Of

When most people hear the name “Salem,” they immediately think of witches and the infamous trials that took place in Massachusetts in the late 1600s. But did you know that there’s another Salem that’s just as spooky, if not spookier? That’s right, we’re talking about the creepy ghost stories in Salem, CT.

Nestled in the heart of eastern Connecticut, Salem is a small town with a big reputation for the supernatural. It’s home to all sorts of strange and unexplained phenomena, from ghostly apparitions to mysterious lights in the sky. Some even say that Salem is a hotbed of paranormal activity, with more ghosts per capita than any other town in New England.

And let’s not forget about the mysterious lights that have been spotted hovering over Salem’s forests and fields. Legend has it that the mysterious lights in Salem are the spirits of the long-dead soldiers who died in the Battle of Fitch’s Bridge during the American Revolutionary War. The lights have been seen by many over the years, and while some dismiss them as headlights or campfires, others are convinced that they are something much more supernatural.

There are a number of theories as to what causes the lights. Some believe that they are the result of gases escaping from the marshy areas nearby, while others think that they might be the result of electrical activity in the atmosphere. But for many locals, the most convincing explanation is that they are the spirits of the soldiers, still guarding the land they fought and died for all those years ago.

Whatever the cause, the Salem lights remain one of the town’s biggest mysteries, and are a popular spot for ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike. If you’re brave enough to venture out to Fitch’s Bridge at night, keep your eyes peeled for those eerie, glowing orbs in the distance — you never know what you might see.

So if you’re looking for a spooky spot to explore this Halloween season, skip the overrated Salem in Massachusetts and head to the real spooky Salem in Connecticut. Just be sure to bring a camera and a healthy dose of skepticism — you never know what you might encounter in this ghostly town.

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